Monday, April 9, 2012

Operation Smile

There are times, like the present, when I just need a wee little bit extra motivation, or energy, to study.  The stack of information to learn for final exams seems very daunting at best, and time is quickly running out until the exams must be written.

It is times like these that I look at the bigger picture, and think (try to remember!!!) why I am putting myself through these extra years of university. 

Because I really want to be a nurse, that's why.  Because I genuinely want to help people, in small and large ways.  I want to feel like my work is making a difference to somebody.  I want a sense of satisfaction that I worked hard, and achieved something after a shift is done. 

And one more reason -- because I want to volunteer my time internationally, being part of medical teams.  One such medical volunteer team is Operation Smile.  Volunteer doctors and nurses travel to developing countries, to operate on children born with cleft palate and lip.  These children are usually shunned, hidden away from society, and rarely allowed to attend school.  It is such an easy operation (relatively speaking!) to fix the birth defect permanently. 

Talk about making a difference to somebody, and getting a feeling of satisfaction at the end of the day, when you've been part of a team that's operated on a half-dozen children in a day!!!

There are no words to describe that feeling (although, knowing myself, I'll probably try, when the time comes!). 

I look forward to experiencing that feeling, and that, is why I must do my absolute best on the upcoming final nursing exams. 

Here is a link to Operation Smile:

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  1. So good to know you are doing so well and so motivated! Good luck with those exams - you're going to make a great nurse.

    Are you back to DOJ for the summer?